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e2-git changelog

openvix: build 255
[feed check] update for new location.
openvix: build 254
[InfobaGenerics] increase NumberZap timeout to 5 secs.
openvix: build 253
[keymap] remove 'EXIT' button for MovePlayer
[FileList] fix possible BSOD.
[ServiceScan] stop timer if closed.
[ServiceScan] stop timer if cancel scan.
[ServiceScan] fix possible BSOD and add time-out to close completed scan window automatically after 30 seconds.
openvix: build 252
some cleanup
openvix: build 251
openvix: build 250
Merge remote-tracking branch 'pli/master'
[translations] NL update thanks Rob
UsageConfig: Instantly change Channellist when setup of it is changed
eGTable: allow number of retries to be overridden restructure DREAMBOX conditionals
dvb: fix compiler warnings
[about] another try to fix possible BSOD, another try

oe-git changelog

openvix: build 255
openvix: build 254
Revert "[vuduo] add missing dvb-c tda binary"
openvix: build 253
[gbquad] remove dtsdownmix flag
[gb800xx] - fixed timeshift hang up - fixed single LNB without DiSEqC does not work 22KHz Tone
[vuduo] add missing dvb-c tda binary
[gbquad] enable gst options
openvix: build 252
fix typo openwebif
[gigablue] gb800xx driver 01.09.2012 und gbquad 01.09.2012 - changed inputdev from dreambox to gigablue - fixed timeshift hang up - fixed mediaplayer previous/next jump does not work. - fixed scrambled channel audio does not work after audio change.
[tuxbox-common] PR bump.
[openwebif] fix Ventron Box.
openvix: build 251
openvix: build 250
[dreambox] add hdmi_cec
[gigablue] dvb-c utils fix typo.
[gigablue] drivers 20120831 - fixed mp3 does not work 0~4 secs. - fixed volume dB range - fixed /proc/stb/fp/was_timer_wakeup (when wakeup from deepstandby) - added /proc/stb/fp/rtc_offset (different secs from UTC) - improve DVB-C tuner performance - support tda1002x interface for AutoScan
[gigablue] add dvb-c utils
[tuxbox] updated satellites.xml

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